A Makeup Look Under $25!

So today’s blog post is going to be about a makeup look for under $25. This was a little hard for me to put together but I finally did it! I know you can find videos on YouTube about $20 makeup challenges, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I turned it into a $25 makeup challenge and use better quality products. Also, I didn’t include tax but I thought it would still be fun to do. So lets get started!


In the summer, you don’t want to be wearing heavy makeup, so instead of foundation or BB cream, just use concealer. This is the Essence coverstick concealer and it was $2.49. Just put it on your blemishes, dark circles, and imperfections and you are good to go!


The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is the best drugstore pressed powder in my opinion. It costs $4.99, and gets the job done. Plus, it’s huge and it will last a long time. Now that’s affordable!


For blush and bronzer, the Essence Mosaic Compact Powder works great. This is $4.49, and I really like how it’s a two in one. Very convenient and easy!


This next product can also be used as a two in one. It is the Maybelline Exper Wear Eyeshadow in nutmeg. Since it is a nice dark brown color, you can use this as eyeshadow and to fill in your brows! It costs $3.99.


For eyeliner, I chose the Covergirl Perfect Point Blend Pencil. This is super cheap. It is $2.62 and works great for its price.


The Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara gives intense lash color and works amazing. This is only $3.47, and works just as great as a high end mascara.


Now I think this is the prettiest lip gloss color I have seen. This is the NYC Liquid Lip Shine in the shade Brighton Beach Peach. This is $1.97. This lip gloss would work great as an everyday lip gloss because the color isn’t too harsh.

The total of this makeup look is $24.02. Hope you enjoyed!


Fashion Friday: My Favorite Statement Necklaces

I absolutely love statement necklaces, and today, I want to share with you my favorite ones so lets get started!

1. Amazon- I love the teal beads. I think teal is a very pretty color in statement necklaces!

Tonsee(TM) Latest 1PC Vintage Flower Crystal Bubble Bib Choker Statement Women Necklace

2. Amazon- This is so fancy and I just love it, especially the cobalt blue beads!

Buy Home Bohemian Layered Round Bead Dangling Drops Statement Bib Necklace

3. Forever 21- You guys know how I feel about pastel colors, and I just had to this one to the list.

Forget-Me-Not Statement Necklace

4. Nordstrom- I think this would be perfect to wear with a LBD

5. Urban Outfitters- This necklace could probably go with every single outfit

Hope you enjoyed!







Trendy Thursday- Hairstyles That Should Be More Popular!

And finally….Thursday! So in this post, I will show you hairstyles that should be more popular so lets get started!

1. Dutch Braid

2. French braid that becomes a fishtail near the bottom

Pinterest Braids: Hairstyles You’ll Freak Out Over | Beauty High

3. Crown Braid

4. Curly Ponytail

5. Straight Ombre Hair

Rainbow hair. I couldn't get rid of that weird halo around the yellow-green part. The color is just so bright that I think it's unavoidable. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

6. Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed!


Wardrobe Wednesday- 3 Ways To Style A LBD

Alright ladies, so in this post I will show you 3 ways to style that pretty little lbd sitting in your closet so lets get started!

1. Casually- Pair it with some converse and maybe even tie a flannel around your waist!

2. Daring- A pair of bright heels and a matching statement necklace to go with it 

3. Edgy- Maybe some combat boots and a military jacket?

Hope you enjoyed!




Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Room Decor Ep. 3- Fall Themed Room!

Hey everyone, so today I will post 3 blog posts since I didn’t blog Tuesday, Wednesday, or today. So for Tuesday’s post, I am going to do another DIY Room Decor post. My last post for this series was posted last September so it’s been quite a while and I want to do another post about room decor so lets get started!

1. DIY Leaf Mason Jar For Candles- All you have to do is coat the inside of the mason jar with mod podge and stick the leaves on it. Let it dry and there you go!

DIY Leaf Mason Jars. dry leaves autumn  glue candles

2. Owl Wreath- This is so cute! It’s not hard to make, but it definitely takes quite a bit of work. Start out with two paper plates and a heart cut out. glue them together to make it look like this.

Glue owl face pieces together

Use pipe cleaners for the eyebrows and buttons or something round for the eyes.

add details to owl face

Then just glue it onto the wreath and you’re done!

finish the owl wreath

3. Decorated Fake Pumpkins- Get some fake pumpkins like some foam or plastic ones and paint them a fall color or you can make them white. If you are girly, you can add glitter to them as well!


Hope you enjoyed!



Makeup Monday- 10 Makeup Tips You Probably Didn’t Know About Before!

Hello everyone, so today’s blog post is going to be about 10 makeup tips you probably didn’t know about before so lets get started!

1. Hard to remove lip stains? Use eye makeup remover.

2. Freeze your eyeliner for 15 minutes before putting it on for easy application.

3. Blow dry your lash curler before using it. It will give your lashes a better curl.

4. Spritz an old mascara wand with hairspray and brush through your eyebrows to tame them.

5. Warm up your concealer in the palm of your hand before applying to thin up the texture for smooth coverage.

6. To make lip gloss last longer, blot lips with a dry tissue or cotton swab. The dryer the lips, the more likely the gloss will stick.

7. Place your dried up clumpy mascara in hot water to fix it.

8. Use a dry toothbrush and move it in circular motions on your lips to make them look more pouty and exfoliate them.

9. Use a spoon to avoid unwanted mascara marks. 

10. You can use lip balm as brow gel.

Hope you enjoyed!




Style Sunday- Weekly Lookbook #1

Hey everyone, so I’m gonna do a weekly lookbook for you today so lets get started!



Top- Charlotte Russe


Skirt- Charlotte Russe


Sandals- Agaci




Top- Charlotte Russe


Capris- Ae


Shoes- Converse


Necklace- Forever 21




Top- Forever 21


Shorts- Ae


Shoes- Converse




Dress- Ae



Cardigan- Ae


Sandals- Abercrombie




Sweater- Forever 21


Jeans- Forever 21


Boots- Charlotte Russe


Bag- Nordstrom




Dress- Abercrombie


Sandals- Forever 21




Shirt- Forever 21


Jeans- Forever 21


Boots- Urban Outfitters


Bag- Coach


Hope you enjoyed!


Shopping Saturday- 5 Most Affordable Teen Fashion Stores!

Hello everyone, so first off I want to start off by saying that I am a little disappointed right now because my posts aren’t showing up in the WordPress searches. I put 15 relevant tags and 0 links. I emailed them and they won’t respond so I don’t know what to do. Anyway, today’s blog post is going to be about my favorite teen fashion stores that are affordable but still have extremely cute clothes.

1. Forever 21

2. Charlotte Russe

3. Jcpenney


4. TJ Maxx

5. Target

Hope you enjoyed!